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The specialist Raw Dog Food Manufacturer

We have developed a Raw Dog Food that gives your dog a nutritional, natural BARF diet using human grade meat, offering a real alternative to highly processed factory products.


Our supreme meals are a convenient way of feeding raw. Made from a blend of nutritious human grade meats, organs, bones, vegetables and added supplements.


Our Working Dog and Tripe mixes only ever use human grade meat and green beef tripe or green lamb tripe, and never, ever bleached tripe.


Eating raw meaty bones aids important muscle development; the chewing and ripping actions help develop jaw, neck, and shoulder muscles.


We have a great selection of tasty, nutrient rich treats for raw fed dogs. Choose from dried liver (the perfect training treat), whole dried Capelin Fish and raw Chicken feet.

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Why going raw is best

Feeding as nature intended will make your dog much happier and healthier. Dogs eating a raw food diet can be expected to live longer and to suffer less illness and disease. It can also resolve the health issues common in kibble fed dogs. You will notice:

  • Cleaner teeth and fresher breath
  • A shiny, smooth coat
  • An overall reduction in that “doggy” smell
  • Chronic allergies and skin infections will disappear
  • Arthritis will significantly reduce or disappear
  • Improved energy, vitality and behaviour
  • A huge benefit to you is less poo; it will also be harder, easier to pick up and less smelly!

We’d tried our fussy Staffy x pup on other natural foods and raw meats but she’d always turned her nose up. Since feeding her NAN she’s never once refused a meal, she loves it! As a bonus her coat is soft and shiny, she doesn’t have any traditional doggy odours and her poos are so much nicer to deal with. I can’t imagine feeding her anything else and I don’t  think she’d be happy if I tried”

Mrs G. Hanslope

Delicious, Nutritious & Convenient to feed

For convenience, all our food is produced in meal sized portions and supplied to you as a frozen product. We only use human grade meat and green tripe, both locally sourced in Northamptonshire.

Raw food feeding guidelines

You will be surprised as to how little food your dog needs being fed on a raw diet. The following are the guidelines we use for how much percentage of our dogs body weight we feed.

1.5%-2% if your dog is over weight

2.0% – 2.5% to maintain present weight

Feed a higher percentage to fatten a skinny dog.

Raw Feeding Puppies

Puppies thrive when fed on a raw diet. From about 6 weeks of age chicken carcass and tripe can be introduced.

As a guide puppies should be fed 10% of their body weight until approximately 4 months of age (spread over 3 -4 meals a day),  from then on 2 – 3% of their adult body weight is recommended.

This is very much a guide and you will find that each dog may differ and the amount fed can be adjusted up or down depending on the dog’s condition.



Our ingredients and quality
Our pet foods are made from 100% human grade food, incorporating organic meat where available.
Our poultry is locally sourced and always free range to ensure the best possible quality. We provide a selection of plain minces suitable for any breed alongside our complete meals.