Well it is if you believe that mother Nature generally gets it right. Dogs are designed to eat meat and to devour all their prey, so if we get as close as we can to the way nature would feed then we won’t go too far wrong. Of course its not practical to fill your freezer full of dead rabbits or bits of carcass, but with a bit of common sense and our help you can easily give your dog a great diet based on natures solutions.

A couple of things to consider:

First you need to feed a wide variety of different proteins. Lamb, Beef, Chicken, Turkey, Duck and Venison are easily available and we supply these as easy to feed minces with Offal and bone included.

In the wild this would be supplemented with insects, grubs and carrion from roadkill or other predators remains. For those of you who walk your dogs in the countryside you know how tasty herbivore poo can be – in the wild eating rabbit and sheep and horse droppings can provide essential nutrients – Yuk! We use Green Tripe to replicate this and often people who switch to our raw food tell me that after a while their dogs stop eating other poo as they are getting all they need from their NAN diet. If you cannot face the smell of green tripe then mushed up veg can take its place – we offer this in our supreme mixes.

And don’t underestimate the value of carcass and bone. Dogs need to chew and digest bone and get a huge amount of nutritional value from it – and again it is easy to provide as chicken wings, duck carcass or lamb rib.

So you don’t need a science degree to give your dog a great natural diet, just think about what nature would provide and see how your dog thrives.