We all know that we should avoid eating too much processed food – its bad for us!

But it is even worse for our pets as they have no choice but to eat what is put in front of them. Dogs are designed to eat meat and cannot digest grain – you would never see a dog charge into a field, pick some grain and eat it and what makes a grain based diet even worse is the need to add chemicals to enhance taste and smell. The toxic mix of a biologically inappropriate diet and lots of additives has a bad effect on gut health and in turn on the immune system.

This leads to all sorts of problems as without a strong healthy immune system dogs suffer from allergic reactions to things that would normally not affect them. I get lots of calls from people who tell me their dog is “allergic to everything” and is on strong medication (generally steroids) to suppress the symptoms – many vets are great at prescribing quick solutions but not looking at the long term causes of the problem. Once these dogs are fed a biologically appropriate diet they generally recover very quickly, which is great to see and their owners notice such a difference to their general health too.

A natural diet supports a strong healthy immune system – but we need to spread the word and stop this cycle of poisonous food and strong medication which does so much harm.

I remember a vet once lecturing me on how a raw diet was not good for dogs and not something he could recommend – except as a last resort!

What an awful statement – a raw diet saves dogs from awful stress and illness and should be the first thing we turn to for happy healthy dogs.

This is a great article by Nick Thompson one of the Raw Feeding Vets https://rfvs.info/a-skeptics-guide-to-raw-food/