Is it safe for dogs to eat raw meat?

It is totally safe for dogs to eat raw meat, its what they’re designed to eat. However to keep humans happy our food is made from 100% human grade meat and is as fresh if not fresher than you would buy from the supermarket.

Are raw feed dogs more prone to worms?

Dogs eating a raw diet are no more prone to worms than on any other diet. All dogs are prone to worms and should follow a regular worming plan.

Raw meat and bacteria

Dogs are designed to eat raw meat and the bacteria found on fresh meat poses no threats to them whatsoever. We recommend that humans treat our food with the same respect that you handle any raw meat for your own consumption. It is sensible to wash your hands and anything else the meat comes into contact with.

Feeding bones

Dogs are also designed to eat bones it is natural for them to, it’s what they do in the wild. Yes it is possible for a dog to choke on a bone, just as it can on a piece of kibble or a tennis ball but it happens very, very rarely. We always recommend dogs are supervised whilst eating regardless of whether you feed bone or not.

NOTE: Dogs should NEVER be fed cooked bones as they are far to brittle and dangerous. If you are still worried about feeding bone to your dog, our minced poultry mixes all have minced bone in them so you can feed the benefits of bone without the worry!

How to switch from Processed Food

It is fine to switch from your usual food to NAN without any transition period. We recommend that you start with tripe or chicken at first to give your dogs system a chance to detox from any wheat/grain its been used to. It is important not to mix raw and kibble together as they are digested differently. If you wish to begin by just replacing one meal a day that’s OK, but your dog would probably prefer it if you just changed completely!

Which sort of meal should I feed?

We offer 3 main meal types. Our plain mince range is designed for those that are confident in raw feeding and wish to DIY and design their own meal for their dogs. Our tripe range and supreme range meals are ideal for those that wish to have the convenience of feeding a complete meal with no hassle. Remember the concept of raw feeding is balance over time, this is achieved by feeding a variety of different protein types on a regular basis.

Monthly Menu Plan

Do you tend to forget to order in time? We can do the remembering for you. We can automatically deliver to you, either weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on the size of your freezer. Just let us know what food you need and how often you want us to deliver and we’ll do the rest.

Just email us if you wish to change your order, or pause the deliveries whilst on holiday.

Feeding frozen dog food

We freeze our food as soon as it is made and then send it to you frozen. We pack it into insulated poly boxes and the food is fine out of the freezer for a maximum of 48 hours. However, we use overnight couriers so that means the longest it is out of the freezer is 24 hours and the average is about 14 or 15 hours.

Incidentally, if it thaws a little in transit that is fine, dogs digestive systems are so efficient that they can cope with food that has been thawed and re-frozen several times without any health risk. We recommend that our food is defrosted overnight in a tupperware box in the fridge and will then be ready to be fed the following day.


We offer free delivery to the local Northants/Bucks/Beds/Oxon areas. Delivery is free within a 10 mile radius of NN12 6GX. Courier orders will be dispatched Tuesday-Thursday each week. For additional information see About Us page.

Stock Levels

Whilst we try hard to maintain a good stock level we reserve the right to substitute items that are not in stock with items of the same value or higher. Please indicate at the time of ordering if you do not want us to do this for you.

Still have unanswered questions?

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