How Much to Feed?

Raw food feeding guidelines
You will be surprised as to how little food your dog needs being fed on a raw diet. The following are the guidelines we use for how much percentage of our dogs body weight we feed.

1.5%-2% if your dog is over weight

2.0% – 2.5% to maintain present weight

Feed a higher percentage to fatten a skinny dog.

Raw Feeding Puppies
Puppies thrive when fed on a raw diet and from about 6 weeks of age chicken carcass and tripe can be introduced. As a guide puppies should be fed 10% of their body weight until approximately 4 months of age (spread over 3 -4 meals a day), from then on 2 – 3% of their adult body weight is recommended. This is very much a guide and you will find that each dog is an individual and the amount fed can be adjusted up or down depending on the dog’s condition to get the right balance but you will achieve this in no time and your pet will be eating the way he was born to.

How much should I feed?

Weight of food needed per day ideally split into 2 meals

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