Why Feed Raw?

A lot of people consider very carefully what they and their families eat and try not to consume too much processed or junk food. Surely that should be true for our pets too?

Living naturally our animals have survived by killing prey for thousands of years, so why should our domesticated pets need pet food companies to process their food with the addition of fillers, chemicals and preservatives?

Some of the positive results that emerge from allowing our pets to eat raw food are as follows:

  • Less carbohydrate = less risk of diabetes
  • Their coat becomes shinier and silkier compared to when they eat processed foods.
  • Their skin also becomes healthier with far less skin conditions and allergies.
  • Teeth are cleaner and healthier, no more trips to the vets to get teeth cleaned.
  • Less poo! The waste is smaller in size as the body doesn’t have to digest processed products.
  • Stronger immune system therefore healthier pet due to getting better nutrients from their food.
  • Satisfied pet, the chewing process satisfies the pet both mentally and physically.